Granule packing machine

2017-04-21 15:38
Common life particles, pills, hardware, tea all use of particle packing machine to wrap, where the relationship between the development of the pharmaceutical industry is a good livelihood of people, there are always some medicines on the environment of more stringent requirements for packaging, automatic packaging machines since the particles plunge into the pharmaceutical industry, to ensure that the product packaging effect. Here and Yu Sheng Xiao Bian together to understand the pharmaceutical industry for some packing machine What are the requirements?
1. According to the pills prescribed dose packaging varieties to select the appropriate, correct particle packing machine rotating cup used on trays. No ready-made cup is to be calculated by the proportion of packaging materials, packaging after a series of tests, again to determine the appropriate variety of packaging specifications inner diameter of the measuring cup, after making customization, while their number, purpose of doing so is to in order to facilitate future use of better packaging products.
2. Create pills weight difference strictly controlled. Actual production, control pills weight difference in particle ± 6% or less is the most appropriate, holding pills uniform size particles by particle packing machine packaging out of the product in line with national regulations.
3. Faced with a variety of packaging materials, especially pills products from various aspects of economic and moisture resistant packaging is considered, that the particle packing machine aluminum foil bags, plastic bags, bags and other packing containers more in line.
What comprehensive understanding of customer needs, design closer to customer demand for packaging equipment, Yu Sheng brand packing machine according to the different requirements of our customers were tailored to our customers to provide better products and first class service.

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